A Feat of Flexibility: our Latest Organizing Innovation.


Posted on May 01, 2018 by pc/nametag / News

As they say, the single best asset a meeting planner can have on meeting day is flexibility. We took it to heart with our latest innovation – the OneWay® Flex™ Name Tag Organizer. And the story of its development is a testament to a product manager’s own flexibility and drive to innovate. 

Jayne Martinson is always looking for the opportunity to make a meeting planner’s life easier. “Our OneWay® Stack™ really revolutionized the name tag organization and display process for our customers and has really set the standard for the industry,” She said when we sat down to talk to her. “But we wanted a solution that was more compact for shipping and on-site transport – without sacrificing the easy, organized looks on the table.”


A big idea in small thinking.

Why is compact key? It’s based on the feedback from our meeting planner focus groups.  “Our meeting planners told us they have a huge volume of set-up items on meeting day. And minimizing the size of the load they have to transport or ship to the site will save them time and trips plus shipping budget.” 


One solution to this problem is the OneWay® Slide™ accordion organizer. “It’s very compact,” says Jayne, “But planners told us it’s not always easy to keep the rows straight and organized as guests jostle over the name tag table. That’s where the OneWay Flex organizer comes in as an ideal solution.”


An innovation trifecta: Load, fold and go!

While the engineering to create the OneWay Flex is complex, the actual process for you the planner is easy. And that’s by design. “We knew our customers wanted a simple, smart and scalable solution,” said Jayne. “So that’s what we developed.”


Each OneWay Flex includes two trays that can be pre-loaded with up to 100 total Event Badges from 4” x 3” to 4 ¼” x 6” or name tag holders – even bulldog and combo clip models. 


Once loaded, the trays snap together and the real space-saving magic begins. The offset slots mean the name tag rows intermesh as they fold together to form a compact cube that protects your name tags and holds them secure during transport. The cube locks closed and slips into the collapsible, reusable shipping box that takes up approximately 1/2 the space of our standard One Way® Stack™ Case. 


A meeting day marvel:
fast set-up in any configuration.

One you’re on site, each OneWay Flex can be unloaded and laid out on your name tag tables. And the fully scalable design means you can link together multiple units for a precisely organized set up.


A blue ribbon innovation for displaying ribbon name tags.

There’s one more big solution the OneWay Flex provides. One asked for, once again, by meeting planners. “Up until now there’s been no name tag organizer on the market that lets you pre-attach name tag ribbons” said Jayne. “And that was costing our planners time at the registration table – not to mention contributing to what can already be a chaotic place.” 

But with the Flex, do-it-yourselfers can insert pre-ribboned 4" x 3" badges vertically down the center rows and then pop them up for display. “When our planners saw that pop up in the focus group we knew we had a winner, said Jayne. “The hardest part was telling them it was only a prototype and I didn’t have any for them to take home – they wanted them that badly.”


Fully reusable – priced so you can lose them, too.

Like our OneWay Stack design, the OneWay Flex organizer is made from 100% recyclable PET and is designed to be reusable − it can be assembled, loaded, folded and shipped dozens of times. And it’s also affordable enough that if one of them gets left behind or thrown away after the meeting by over-zealous cleanup staff, it won’t cause a major budget meltdown. 


“We understand things happen in the rush, and our focus groups always have some gasp-worthy stories, so we keep the OneWay designs nimble,” reports Jayne. “This carries on that tradition and adds in the flexibility every meeting planner needs.” 


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