ElectroSmog: How to Reduce Its Effects at Your Next Event.


Posted on June 04, 2019 by John Ayo, guest blogger / Inspiration

While technology today can be incredibly convenient and efficient, there is a price we pay in terms of our health. 

You can’t do your job effectively if you don’t feel well. And, your attendees won’t get the maximum benefit from your fabulous event if they don’t feel well.
We may be familiar with the unhealthy aspects of tech neck on our posture (head bent down reading phone) or the negative emotional consequences of social media (comparing our lives to other people’s highlight reels). But are you aware of the hidden health dangers in the form of ElectroSmog?



Source: emfrf.com Electromagnetic Spectrum

We're all exposed to EMFs daily in public
and at home. 

ElectroSmog is a more casual term for the more technical version: ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMFs). The negative effects of EMFs continue to ignite conversations and controversy worldwide. In fact, the most dangerous pollution affecting us is the invisible sea of EMFs our bodies swim in daily. We are exposed to EMFs all day long, not only in public but inside our homes, too. Most of the radiation emits from cellphones, cell towers, computers, smart meters, cellular networks (think 4G and 5G) and Wi-Fi, to name a few.

body-2703412_1920Energy, Frequency and Vibration are foundational to every part of nature. Everything from the smallest atoms to the largest organisms resonate with their own energy, frequency or vibration. When these lose their coherence or move out of harmony, the result can manifest as different types of disease such as pain, anxiety, stress, fatigue, etc.

According to the World Health Organization, “Electromagnetic fields affect us because our human bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses such as nervous system, digestion, brain function, and heart function. Exposure to EMFs can interact with your body in many adverse ways.”

I believe EMFs are like cigarettes in the 1950s. Back then we thought: “They’re probably not good for you, but it’s not like people are dying from them.”  Today we know better. The same goes for EMFs and the continuous use of cellphones and having them on or near us constantly! There may not be an immediate health consequence, but rather health issues that get worse gradually over time.



How does all of this relate to the Event Pro? 

As we work toward better network connectivity at events (think fast and ubiquitous WiFi or the up-and-coming 5G), it is in your best interest to understand the impact on you and your attendees. Given the number of EMFs that bombard you all day long, getting educated about the negative effects of EMFs is imperative to your well-being. (Search blog posts at www.ayolifebalance.com/blog for more articles and research.)

Reliable connectivity is a must-have 
for events, so how can you reduce the
health effects?

One of the best ways to help your body balance EMFs is to get your bare feet on Earth as much as possible (beginning or end of day, at breaks, etc). This is called "Earthing" and is also one of my top travel tips to balance jet lag. What creative ways can you find to get  attendees to do this during break?

Grounding mats or earthing sheets can also help your body reconnect to earth by using the grounding wire through most electrical outlets around the world. It’s a way to practice earthing on the 30th floor in a big city!  



Here are some other ways to reduce
EMFs at an event.  

  • Move all electronics away from your head in your hotel room (clock, phone, lamps, etc.) to improve sleep.
  • Be aware of sleeping rooms or event rooms that are on the opposite wall of large electrical meters or transformers at hotels and move accordingly.
  • Put your cell phone in airplane mode AND leave it at least six feet away from your bed at night.
  • Turn off the WiFi router if it is in your hotel room.
  • Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body unless it is in airplane mode.
  • When using your cell phone, use the speaker phone and hold the phone a few feet away from you. Seek to radically decrease your time on the cell phone.
  • Make sure you are taking appropriate supplements (whole food vitamin C, antioxidants from fruit/veggie powders, etc.) to help your body balance the negative effects of EMFs. I’m a big fan of whole food supplements, herbs and essential oils. There are also homeopathic remedies that can help your body release these effects.
  • Drink plenty of purified water to help your body release EMFs.
  • Use remediation devices on your electronics that can convert the EMFs into frequencies that are more biocompatible with your body. See example at www.travelbalance.net/products 


Wishing you the best of health as you create amazing and wellness-oriented events for your attendees!



John-AyoJohn Ayo is an Internationally recognized keynote speaker, wellness expert and author. He was a successful sales rep that survived in the super stressful technology sector with IBM for 19 years, then moved into sales training and meeting planning internationally for 12 years. He delivers his motivational content on staying healthy and sane in a crazy world (especially when you travel) via presentations and workshops for large groups and corporate events.  www.TravelBalance.net  

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