On-site Printers: Which One Meets Your Event Needs?


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We feel your pain. As a meeting planner, you must oversee every minute detail right down to printing all your name tags pre-event. Your meticulous nature is what makes you so good at your job but also drives you to wake up at 5 A.M. the morning of the event to finish stuffing name tags. 

Now imagine how much time you could save for other mission-critical tasks before and during the event, if you leave the name tag creation up to a speedy and intuitive on-site printer!

So many printers, so little time.

pc/nametag now offers 15 different portable printers, not only to meet your specific needs and budget, but also to keep up with the ever-evolving event world. In fact, if you’re using event technology, several of our printers are compatible with popular event management software.

“If you want wireless, a no-nonsense speedy black & white, a full-color model that produces vivid artwork, or just need adhesive labels to add to pre-printed Event Badges, we have a printer for every kind of scenario you can think of,” says Stefanie McGinnis, pc/nametag product manager.

Name Tags need to “be in
the moment.”

Mailing attendees their badge and registration materials before the event is becoming less common, since more planners realize the convenience and speed of on-site badge printing, particularly with the inevitable last-minute attendees, drop-ins and name tag errors. 

“That smart little printer at check-in allows greater flexibility, something every planner needs, with easy in-the-moment fixes,” adds Stefanie. “On-site printing also saves you mailing expenses plus the cost of extra stock – you only print what you need.” 

Technical expertise: what sets us apart from competitors or big box stores.

Besides our large selection of printers, we offer free printer support at 888.362.8789, because no matter your experience level, getting to know a new printer can be intimidating, particularly during its maiden voyage. We also provide free templates to help you design your own badges. 

And, instead of receiving the typical hastily-thrown-together technical manual that some manufacturers provide – or even worse, a sheet with just pictures and no text, you'll receive with your printer a Custom Quick Start Guide, written specifically for meeting planners printing name tags by our own technology specialist. These guides provide well-written instructions in language that planners can understand.

First up: the pc/nametag® Wireless Direct Thermal Name Tag Printer!  

We continue to keep our finger on the pulse of tech-savvy events by introducing printers like this one to our collection. It has so many user-friendly perks, we’re proud this printer wears our name. Offering easy navigation, an LCD display makes it a stand-alone printer replacing your computer. Simply attach a USB keyboard. 





Or even better, attach our 2D Barcode Scanner. Along with custom files created for you by our technology specialist, you’ll have a stand-alone kiosk for effortless scan-&-print badges. An attendee simply scans their bar code or QR code from a paper or phone confirmation, and the printer automatically prints their badge. Like our other direct thermal printers, it prints fast, too – up to one tag per second.

Next up: The Zebra ZC10L Full-Color Printer, producing photo-quality plastic name badges. 

When you want complete control of the creation of name tags on-site, particularly when security is of high-priority, this printer is a wise choice. Rather than send your preregistration list and artwork to a print source, you create professional-looking, full-color plastic badges on-site in seconds and your attendees wear them hot off the press.





After one pass through, the 3-1/2” x 5-1/2 plastic cards (sold separately) become edge-to-edge, full-color credentials with vivid images and crisp text. You can also run it through the printer for a black & white agenda or map on back. So whether you have a yearly event with 1,000 or more attendees or 20 events with 100 each, the Zebra ZC10L is like having a customized print shop at your registration table. 

How do you begin to find your
dream machine? 

Once you know what your on-site needs are and determine your budget, the best place to start is our Name Tag Printer Shopping Guide  plus our Printer Comparison Chart for detailed specs. Always feel free to call and ask questions. Our event specialists love talking about our printers!

When that portable printer's churning out one name tag per second at your next event, you’ll wonder how you ever got up at 5 A.M. to stuff name tags. 

Why not peruse our collection of printers?

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