Preparing for Last-Minute Attendees with First-Class Name Tags

Posted on January 17, 2018 by pc/nametag

As a busy meeting planner, you may choose to have your name tags printed for you and shipped directly to your event. Or, you may decide to print them yourself beforehand. But what about last-minute attendees?

Even with today’s fast custom print services or portable on-site printers with integrated event software, there are still events where felt tipped pens and adhesive labels are the quick fix, and late attendees receive name tags with last minute written all over them.

We have some tricks for creating professional-looking name tags on-site, on-demand within seconds using our portable printers, so registration lines keep moving and attendees keep smiling.

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1. Run imprinted name tag stock through a direct thermal printer at your registration table.

We can preprint inserts with your full-color logo or artwork. With extra stock on hand, all you need to do is run it through a black & white direct thermal printer such as our Datamax, to print the late attendee’s name and other data. Every attendee receives the same first-class badge!

2. Use a budget-friendly full-color printer to print out your own high-quality name tags on the spot.

With an economical color printer you don’t need the long lead time for custom stock that a direct thermal printer requires. The Epson Color Name Tag Printer Kit, for instance, offers everything you need to print beautiful 4” x 3” name tags instantly and efficiently. With the included guide and templates, you can make last-minute changes yourself to your logo, message or attendees’ info.

The kit includes the same high-quality 4” x 3” satin-coated name card stock that pc/nametag uses for Custom Services. It’s pre-cut and ready to load for “one up” printing instead of arriving in perforated 8-1/2” x 11” sheets typically designed for office printers. You can also have your stock preprinted using Custom Services and then place the logo-only name tags in this compact printer for on-demand printing of your entire attendee list, late arrivals or badge corrections.

3. Print names on clear adhesive labels and affix to pre-printed Event Badges.

With the popularity of laminated plastic Event badges, we’ve found a great way to print last-minute names with our Brother Wireless Label Printer or Dymo Label Printer by using clear adhesive name tag stock. When you order preprinted Event Badges for your pre-registrants, be sure to include extra logo-only Event Badges. Then when late attendees arrive, you simply print their names on the clear adhesive label stock and affix to the Event Badges. Every name tag looks the same – not one will stick out like a sore thumb!

4. Print professional-looking name tags on-demand with a WiFi-enabled app.

The Brother® Wireless Name Tag Printer has built-in WiFi and comes in a kit that includes a free pc/nametag® exclusive iOS app. You can easily upload your guest list to your phone using the app, click on each attendee name and print out a badge on blank or 1-color imprinted fanfold stock. With a late registrant, just click on a blank template and type in the attendee’s name as well as credentials. This mobile-friendly solution is just another way to keep registration lines moving.

5. Scan-&-Print Badge Printing may be the best option for your entire attendee list, including late arrivals.

You may want an on-site package that includes event software compatible with a selection of our printers. With Meeting Power, pc/nametag's event technology attendees simply scan the confirmation barcode or QR code on their paper or phone confirmations, and their badges automatically print on-site. The software allows you to create preprinted badges for late arrivals, too.

6. Tips for last-minute printing on-site:

If you’re planning a large event with the anticipation of many late registrants, speed is probably your main criteria. That’s when direct thermal printers are your speediest and most efficient on-site solution. They print one badge per second and require few if any accessories.

Depending on the type of printer you have, remember to pack the necessary components for use on-site. Some of our printers come in kits with everything you need included with the printer. Always have plenty of ink cartridges and name tag stock, plus templates ready to go and loaded on your laptop or mobile device.

Also make sure your venue has wireless service and include your USB cord in case of connectivity issues.


Learn more about creating stunning Event Badges and much more in our free eGuide, 
The Meeting Planner's Guide to Panic-Free Name Badge Preparation ⤵

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