The Definitive Guide to Name Tag Paper Inserts

Posted on November 22, 2017 by pc/nametag

Inserts put the "name" in name tags—literally. It’s their job to identify attendees and provide other important information such as titles and organizations. To help you create effective inserts for your next event, we’ve answered the questions we’re asked most from event planners as they prepare their inserts.

You’ll need a holder for your insert, and our Name Tag Holder Guide will offer you all kinds of options. Plus, check out our Name Tag Attachment Guide, too.

⟶ Before you dive in, be sure to grab our free guide filled with everything a meeting planner needs to plan the perfect name or event badges:

Take a look at: The Meeting Planner's Guide to Panic-Free Name Badge Preparation


Are all name tag inserts alike?

After 30 years in the meeting planning business and dozens of competitive analysis tests, we can answer emphatically: No! There are three critical questions to ask when evaluating the quality of name tag inserts:

  1. Do they strike the perfect balance in weight? Are they light enough to feed through the printer jam-free yet heavy enough to hold their shape while inserting in holders?
  2. Are they perforated to ensure that the sheet stays together through printing but separates easily with just one or two bends during name tag assembly?
  3. Does the paper stock have a clean, bright finish that takes printer toner without smudging?
While many inserts meet one or two of these criteria, few get all three. And we’re proud to say all our inserts do. Check out our insert selection to see all the options we offer.

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Where can I find printing templates
for my inserts?

Find the free Microsoft® Word Template that matches your name tag inserts by using our
Free Template Library. That's where you'll also find a link to download instructions for setting up Mail Merge in Microsoft® Word.

How can I use inserts to help me categorize attendees?

We offer a full selection of Color Bar and Title/Color Bar inserts to categorize attendees for
easy identification.

Is there an easy way to print customized agendas on the back of my inserts?

We have two suggestions:

  1. Rather than trying to print front and back, set up your mail merge to print two inserts side-by-side. The name insert is printed on the left column and the agenda on the right. After printing you simply fold both sides together and slip them into the holder. It takes more paper, but sure saves printing hassles.
  2. Our Datamax On-Site Printer offers the option of printing 4-1/4" x 6" Slotted Fanfold Paper Stock featuring dual-sided printing; then you fold the stock in half and attach a lanyard with no need for a vinyl holder.

What is the fastest way to separate inserts after printing?

Most planners find it’s easiest to grab a stack of three to five insert sheets at a time. Bend the entire stack back and forth along each perforation line, then place the stack on a table and pull along the perforations. Using these small batches of sheets is more efficient than separating each sheet individually.

What size holder should I order for
my insert?

Just order a holder that's the same size as your insert. We've already built in the room you need for hassle-free assembly. And our selection of holders is just as vast as the one for our inserts. Our Name Tag Holder Guide helps you choose the best holder for your needs.

Can I find eco-friendly inserts?

Yes! We took our most popular 4" x 3" size and turned it into an eco-friendly recycled version from 100% post-consumer content.

I’m new to designing name tag inserts but want them to look great. What’s the easiest way to do it?

Since we doubt you have time to cram design school into your workflow, we’ve done the designing for you with 50 stock full-color design templates for Microsoft Word®. Just search for a style you like, download, add your logo and follow our Mail Merge instructions. You’ll be ready, and getting compliments for your fine design work in no time!

Can I use Adobe InDesign® to create my name tags?

YES! We’ve got Mail Merge instructions for InDesign so you can bring the world’s most powerful design software to bear on your next project!

How do I organize my variable content to avoid errors in printing?

Make sure that your data source file is structured so you can include the appropriate fields in your target document. For example, the top row of a spreadsheet should contain the field names that you’ll need to set up the merge in your template, such as “First Name”, “Company”, “Title” and “Company”. You can learn more with our Mail Merge instructions.

Grab our free resource guide for more information: 

Creating Name Badge Inserts in a Microsoft Word® Document
Using Mail Merge

What's inside:
  • Instructions for setting up Mail Merge
  • Free Name Tag Templates for Microsoft Word
  • Mail Merge FAQ's

Learn more about creating stunning Event Badges and much more in our free eGuide, 
The Meeting Planner's Guide to Panic-Free Name Badge Preparation ⤵

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