Wellness and the Event Planner: How to Stay Healthy During Your Event


Posted on October 24, 2019 by John Ayo, guest blogger / Inspiration

Have you ever planned an event, arrived a few days before to get things set up, and started to feel sick?

How to Stay Healthy During Your Event

You know that feeling -- scratchy throat, weak all over. I remember planning a large event in Tokyo, and on the plane from Dallas, I ended up sitting next to someone who was coughing and clearly not well. Sure enough, I began to have that “getting sick” feeling shortly after arriving at my destination. Luckily, I used the information I am going to share with you and was able to go to sleep that night and wake up the next day feeling great. 

I can’t keep those sick airplane passengers (or your own sick kids) away from you, but I do have some ideas to help you bounce back so that you can run the event that you had planned. This is where the impact of wellness hits the ROI of an event. If you, or your participants, don’t feel well, it’s difficult to do your job and run the fabulous event that you are capable of running.

Wash your hands frequently while traveling.

Washing Hands_Crop

While I spend a lot of time  focusing on boosting the body’s ability to fight off infections effectively, washing your hands often, and avoiding heavily contaminated areas when traveling is a great start. The biggest germ-ridden things you are likely to encounter on your trip include the security tray at the airport, the area around your seat on the airplane and hotel remote controls -- among others. Make it a point to wash your hands immediately after these encounters.

So, you’re in your hotel room, or setting up for your event, and hear comes that feeling. One of the most important things you can do (and hopefully you’ve been doing), is drink a a lot of filtered water, preferably room temperature, or even hot. This will help your immune system by flushing out any toxins. 

Pack high-quality supplements in your suitcase.


One of the things I always speak about to groups, is the importance of having a “just-in-case” bag of supplements and essential oils. In the world of natural health, it’s super important to act quickly and begin taking immune boosting supplements as soon as possible. Find and use good quality herbal supplements.

I use several different professional lines in my practice and am happy to help you personally, or you can go to your local health food store and ask them which brands they recommend. You are looking for something that is a good “infection fighter” as well as immune booster. There are also essential oil blends that are very effective. Check out the Products page on my website; my favorite is a blend is called Thieves from Young Living.


Begin taking these supplements every few hours, as you want to control your possible sickness before it gets too far along. If you don’t have any supplements with you (since you might be reading this article while on the road), don’t worry. One of the best options is to visit the hotel restaurant and ask for a clove of garlic. If you can suck on, or even better, chew on one clove of garlic, it will help your immune system. At the very least, consider eating some vegetables with lots of garlic in it. Ask the restaurant chef to make you something.

There are also some good herbal hot teas that can help. One of them to carry with you is called Pau D’Arco. Bring a few tea bags to have on hand.

Avoid foods that contain sugar, dairy or wheat.

No Carbs_Crop

Food products that contain sugar, dairy or wheat will knock down your immune system and prevent it from performing at its best. Even better is to avoid eating if you can for the next few hours. If you are feeling sick and  eat some high-sugar fruits (melons, banana, etc) and a piece of toast with cream cheese, it will not be in your best interest. Remember, the majority of your immune system resides within your digestive system – don’t feed the bad guys!

Take it easy on yourself – rest when you can!


While I am a huge fan of exercising while traveling – typically in the form of walking – but this time is an exception. As your immune system is working overtime to fight off infection, you want to conserve your energy or personal battery to help in the fight. So, rest where you can. Sit down, don’t walk as much, take the taxi, sneak in a nap if you can.  Figure out ways to conserve energy so that your immune system will have what it needs to do its job. Also consider integrating self care techniques into your daily routine, even if you are the road.

Your body always wants to be healthy and is always working to heal itself. We just need to know the things that help and hurt it from doing its job.

Wishing you the best of health as you create and run amazing and wellness-oriented events for your attendees!



John Ayo is an Internationally recognized keynote speaker, wellness expert, Naturopath, and author. He was a successful sales rep that survived in the super stressful technology sector with IBM for 19 years, then moved into sales training and meeting planning internationally for 12 years. He delivers his motivational content via presentations and workshops for large groups and corporate events.


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