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How Namebadges to Go® Helped a Meeting Planner Save Time & Money: A Case Study

Case Study

There’s a lot we can say about our
Namebadges to Go® custom name badge service. But this time, we thought we’d let a real meeting planner do the talking.

Grab our free case study and read how Namebadges to Go® helped Molly, a corporate meeting planner, free her team to focus on other event planning tasks while receiving the name badges she needed totaling just 1% of her budget for a 135-attendee conference and less than 1% for her 500-employee meeting.

This brief case study offers just one example of a story that comes to life everyday with the meeting planners we work with.

“Outsourcing our badges [to pc/nametag] was a huge lift for the team. We didn’t have to worry about making time to print inserts, stuff badges, and deal with papercuts and snowballing frustration. Lots of sore necks were saved in the process!”


Molly K. Ferguson | Customer & Employee Experience Specialist

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